About Everything Natural Under The Sun

We are your resource for information and products to achieve optimal health and wellness. We provide high quality, organic whole food based herbs, supplements and organic and natural products to help you on your journey to better health.

Everything Natural Under the Sun opened in June 1996. The staff and I are as exited to serve you today as we were the first day we opened.  Darla, Michele, Erin, Rob, Lauren, Brayden and Delores are eager to help you achieve your health goals by providing you critical information so you can make the best decision for your health. We want you to enjoy the taste of healthy food and feel vitality, energy and excitment of a healthy life.

Our wellness staff is trained weekly by nutritionists, researchers, manufacturers, and product representatives. Brenda M. Montrella, Owner and Doctor of Naturopathy, carefully oversees and guides her trained staff in determining your direction in health and choosing which supplements will work for you to achieve the highest level of heath in the shortest amount of time. Their knowledge base is continually growing as the industry changes.

The goal of the store is to provide the community with wholesome food, minimally processed, and containing no unnecessary preservatives or dyes. In our 5,000 Square foot center, we carry foods for individuals with sensativities, including, but not limited to, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Sugar Free, and Dairy Free. We support local organic farmers to increase consumer awareness about sustainable agriculture, and to provide you with the foundation of good health through your diet.

Stop in to learn about Purify U, our new unique non-invasive services developed by Brenda Montrella that combines the latest technology with clinically studied health solutions to restore your health and well-being and replenish your energy. Purify U detoxes, restores and renews your body and spirit. Our menu includes salt therapy, red light therapy, infrared saunas, nutritional therapy, naturopathy wellness reviews, dietary and lifestyle advice, and more- all geared toward creating a healthier you. A purified you.

Meet Our Staff

Owner and Doctor of Naturopathy
Brenda M. Montrella, N.D. -- 

Brenda M. Montrella created the store in 1996 and has been the owner since then. She is devoted to developing community awareness concerning natural health and the importance of organic foods. She also enjoys traveling and bring knowledge from around the world back to the store to help the customers in thier continued search for a healthier lifestyle.

Darla Markham - Wellness Coordinator / Buyer 

Lauren Drost - Wellness Coordinator 

Erin Blocher - Wellness Coordinator

Autumn Kennedy - Wellness Coordinator 

Jenna Rose - Wellness Coordinator 

Haylee Lewis - Wellness Coordinator